Cheyenne Frontier Days Art Show


Photo of Michael Albrechtsen
Michael Albrechtsen

I grew up near the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and have a great love for the outdoors. I come from a long line of cattle farmers and outdoor lovers so the desire to paint images of those experiences is in my blood. I enjoyed drawing but received a D in my first high school art class, deterring me from pursuing art any further; I finally picked up the brush at 26. I have sold paintings world-wide and participated in many exhibits and one-man shows. But what I am proudest of is having the opportunity to paint large 10ft x 100ft murals for the Mormon Church. Giving back to the one who has blessed me with the ability to paint is the most I could ask for in my career.

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Photo of Edward Aldrich
Edward Aldrich

As a painter of primarily animals for nearly 30 years, I attempt to capture the uniqueness of my subjects in character, tone, and texture. The diversity and magnificence of animals keep me striving for every new expressions and imagery to describe their world. My work has been displayed in such museums as The Leigh Yawkey Art Museum, the Gilcrease Museum, The National Museum of Wildlife Art and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. I have also had over 20 One Man shows. I am represented in 8 major galleries throughout the western US and prints of my work are published by Somerset Publishing.

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Photo of Maura Allen
Maura Allen

I start each piece breaking a cardinal rule—I look directly into the sun. With details obscured, a strong silhouette is my inspiration. My contemporary style builds on 35+ years as a photographer and 20+ years as a painter. Ranches, rodeos, and vintage Main Street provide me with a rich, creative stage. My work is included in museum, corporate and private collections nationwide, including the Tucson Museum of Art, Pearce Museum, Desert Caballeros Western Museum, and more. My second year at CFD, I’m honored to have my painting “Belvidere” on this year’s poster. My work has been spotlighted in leading publications, including a 2014 Southwest Art Magazine cover feature. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver is now home.

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Photo of J. Chester Armstrong
J. Chester Armstrong

I am a self-taught wood carver and have been carving professionally for 40 years. I live deep in the forest of Central Oregon, close to the subjects I choose to carve. Wildlife wood carving is subtractive art, with fluid lines and interactive images. I let the wood itself dictate the forms and my subjects come alive. All we know is beauty when we see it. That is the line I follow. Beauty is truth.

Some of my finest work can be found on cathedral doors and Las Vegas casino walls. I received Best of Show at Western Art Show in Indian Wells, California. I have been listed as who’s who in Western Art and a frequently featured artist on OPB’s Art Beat. Many articles and a book have been written about my process.

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Photo of Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey

Growing up in Wyoming, it’s only fitting that rodeo, the western lifestyle and wildlife found their way into my work. I have an intense interest in wildlife from all over and have been invited to Africa and New Zealand to research various species. Thus, that fauna and flora have become important subjects in my work.  My research also found me riding bulls competitively for the Laramie County Community College rodeo team.

My goal is to portray my subjects in a way that transcends a mere representation and takes on a life of its own.  Energetic brushwork and color harmony allow the viewer to fill in the gaps.  It’s what I leave out that tends to be the most important part of the painting.

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Photo of Gerald Balciar
Gerald Balciar

Growing up in rural Wisconsin amidst the dairy farms and the Northwoods my fascination with art and animals dates back to 3rd or 4th grade; I made my first bronze in 1964. My work ranges from miniature to monumental and I am involved in the entire process of bronze making including mold making, waxes, welding, metal chasing and patinas.

There are places in Alaska where you can fly over the tundra and see one pair of trumpeter swans on every pond.  It must be a territorial thing where there is room for just one pair, plus their brood.  I enjoy watching the swans in Wyoming, especially when they come flying in overhead.

My most prestigious award was the “Prix de West” award from the National Cowboy Museum in 1985.

Photo of Guadalupe Barajas
Guadalupe Barajas

I am a Wyoming native and full-time bronze sculptor, focusing primarily on wildlife and telling life stories of my Native American heritage through sculpture.

Unless one has seriously sculpted, it would seem difficult understanding the feeling of literally taking a lump of clay, and breathing life into it. This is my reality as a bronze sculptor.  Sculpting, for me, is truly an intimate experience.”

My most notable awards are: 2013 Wyoming Governor’s Art Award; Artist of the Year – the National Bison Association; Best of Show 2007 & 2008 – Western Spirit Art Show; Purchase Award – 2014 Greeley Stampede Art Show and 2015 Western Art Show & Sale; my bronze ‘Tatanka’ was featured on the cover of Bison World magazine.

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Photo of Phil Beck
Phil Beck

I studied at the American Academy of Fine Art in Chicago where I started my career as an illustrator.  In 1980, I was drawn to the world of fine art when I moved to Scottsdale, AZ.  As a colorist with a painter’s style who stresses harmony in my artwork, I specialize in figurative work through my predominant medium of oil.  I have won numerous awards and my work is in private and corporate collections worldwide.  I have been featured in Art of the West, Southwest Art, Western Horseman and several other publications.  I have also been an instructor at Scottsdale Artist School for over 20 years.  With my wife Marty at my side, I pursue my love and passion for painting.  To learn more, visit my website:

Photo of Mike Beeman
Mike Beeman

Painting landscapes, still lifes, wildlife, and figurative work in both pastel and oils keeps me motivated and challenged.  I’m a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of Colorado, and a Master Circle artist in the International Association of Pastel Societies. My work has appeared in numerous juried exhibitions/competitions and has received many awards. I have been selected in Pastel Journal’s top 100 competitions five times, including the 2013 Silver Award for still life, the Richeson 75, and International Association of Pastel Societies’ exhibits. One of my recent pastels from the 43rd Annual “Enduring Brilliance” exhibit in New York was selected for an exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, 2015.

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Photo of Susan Bell
Susan Bell

I grew up in the west, loving the vast and varied landscapes. Looking out the car window as my father drove, I learned to be an artist; seeing antelope herds, passing clouds, open spaces, and erasing the things I did not like to see. I love to paint from life. It is truly thrilling to try to capture a precise moment in time. The changing light, movement, smells, and sounds of the environment are all in the final work of art. I see my work as a record of this time in our history and of my view of the west in which I live.

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Photo of Meagan Abra Blessing
Meagan Abra Blessing

I grew up in a family that craved adventure. Every moment was filled with challenges and new experiences, and horses have always been a part of those escapades. From local show rings and county fairs to packing in the Alaskan backcountry, I’ve learned to respect and admire the equine personalities that have crossed my path. My renditions of horses, working horses, and rodeo subjects are vibrant and dynamic; I prefer high contrast and movement in my compositions. To me, the fun is in the action. My work was featured in Western Art & Architecture and Big Sky Journal in 2015, and I’m honored to have recently received Fine Art Connoisseur’s Best in Show Award at the 2016 Out West Art Show.

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Photo of Michael Blessing
Michael Blessing

I have always been compelled by shapes and color. For over thirty years I was fascinated with the shape and color of music. I owned and operated two recording studios, and produced hundreds of records; one of which was nominated for a Grammy. Drawing from my experience shaping musical themes, these days I am compelled by visual shapes and compositions. I find the human figure to be endlessly fascinating. At the same time, I enjoy pushing the bounds of traditional portraiture by introducing other compositional elements, such as neon. My work was recently featured in Western Art and Architecture and Big Sky Journal. I am also honored to have received Awards of Excellence from Western Art Collector and Southwest Art Magazine.

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Photo of Robert Louis Caldwell
Robert Louis Caldwell

Born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, I spent my boyhood years in Verplanck, New York, where I learned to love the outdoors. The Boy Scouts were a conduit to nature and provided me with some of my most memorable adventures, including 50-mile canoe trips in upstate New York and backpacking in Cimarron, New Mexico.

I draw inspiration from familiar items, searching for elements that are often overlooked but that provide opportunities for compelling compositions. Working from my Midlothian, Virginia studio I use photographic references, complemented by field studies, from regional wildlife refuges to the African bush, to compose my drawings and paintings.

My work has appeared in numerous national exhibitions, including Birds in Art, Art of the Animal Kingdom and Art and the Animal.

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Photo of Julie T. Chapman
Julie T. Chapman

I grew up as a horse-obsessed child who drew equines monomaniacally out of unrequited love; although, now I train in both dressage and reining. My imagery is a contemporary take on the wildlife and horses of the modern American wild west, featuring visually dramatic subjects in an abstract setting. “The Watcher” depicts a wolf who was scouting a valley from a high rock; his attention had been captured by the sound of something (prey?) below; his intent expression made this piece exciting to create.

My work was profiled in the February 2016 Sporting Classics magazine, in a feature article of the April 2016 issue of Southwest Art, and in the August issue of Big Sky Journal. Scratchboards and paintings of mine have recently sold into collections in England, Asia, and Canada.

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Photo of Julie Kramer Cole
Julie Kramer Cole

As soon as I could pick up a pencil I knew as a child that I could bring my imaginative world to a tangible form for others to enjoy! I studied art at Colorado State University and graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art.  Before turning to the world of Western art I was a fashion illustrator for 15 years.

My current treasure list includes: “People’s Choice Award,” 2008 Greeley Stampede and “Artists’ Choice Award,” 2009; “Master of the Media Award” for pastels, 2010 Windsor Celebration of the Arts; “Artists Choice Award,” 2015 Windows to the West, Estes Park, CO.

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Photo of Bob Coronato
Bob Coronato

I moved to Hulett, Wyoming after graduating in 1993 with a BFA from Otis Parsons Art Institute in Los Angeles. When I was young I would open books and look at photos of the “Old West” with cowboys riding the open plains and wish I had lived 100 years ago. After moving to a very remote corner of our country, and working on ranches that still “Cowboy” in the “Old Ways,” I realized that the West I’d searched for as a kid was still there. The West is alive, it’s just hiding in tiny corners of our country, trying desperately to hang on and not be forgotten. My work documents this lifestyle. I work in Oil on Canvas, Chine Colle’ Etchings, Intaglio printmaking and Pittura Di Strati oil/ acrylic on board.

I was nominated by Southwest Art as the “Artist of the New Century ” and I won the Best of Show in 2002.  I was the featured Artist of the Cattleman’s Western Art Show Paso Robles 2010

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Photo of Sheila Cottrell
Sheila Cottrell

My ancestor’s lived 4 generations in Texas before arriving at Fort Bowie in Cochise County, AZ, by covered wagon train in 1900. RG Wells was a deputy sheriff in Tombstone and had numerous run-ins with horse thieves and rustlers. I enjoy painting anything to do with the west, past and present, but especially love illustrating the tales of pioneering adventures my family experienced.

On March 20, 2016 I received the “People’s Choice Award” for the second time in my 9 years exhibiting in the Cowgirl Up! Show, where I’ve also received the Governor’s Choice Award twice. I have exhibited in numerous shows and been featured in Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, Western Horseman, Cowgirl and True West magazines.

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Photo of Steve Devenyns
Steve Devenyns

Although primarily self-taught, I have been influenced by many great painters. Life and my Art have one thing in common, the simpler the better.

Ranch and Reata, Art of the West, Southwest Art, US Art and Western Horseman have featured my work. I won multiple Gold Medals at the Phippen Memorial Art Show and was named Artist of the Year for the RMEF and FNAWS.

I received the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Buffalo Bill Art Show and the Artists’ Choice Award at the 2010 National Museum of Wildlife Art. I was Featured Artist at the 2011 America’s Horse in Art Show and Honored Artist at the 2012 BBAS.  Recently, I was inducted into the Academy of Western Artists in Ft. Worth Texas.

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Photo of Kelly Donovan
Kelly Donovan

Art is a means by which I can preserve a fading way of life; The Cowboy Way. Using principles of design, and skills I have obtained to tell stories of the Old West, my objective is to create quality art, hoping that the painting or sculpture I’m working on is better than the last.

I have received many awards over the years including Best of Show, 1st place in painting & sculpture, people’s choice. I was featured in Southwestern Art Magazine as an “Emerging Artist,” an “Artist to Watch”, and most recently as a “Western Icon”. I have also been featured in Western Horseman Magazine. My work can be found in private and corporate collections nationwide and overseas and I participate in exhibitions and events all across the Western US. My home is in Corinne, Utah where I keep a full-time studio.

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Photo of Bob Graham
Bob Graham

When the days grow short and the shadows grow long, nothing better than putting up your boots to the comfort of a six string camp fire song to ease into the night and forget the troubles of the day. I have always had a deep fascination and love with the West. I am humbled by the American Cowboy and their “can do” attitude. Through the use of watercolors and graphite drawings I try to depict and capture the Cowboy way of life. My work deals mainly with solitary figures in everyday, run of the mill life scenes…nothing special, nothing glorious… just everyday men and women doing everyday jobs with pride, honor, and dignity. The unconquerable Spirit that is the American West.

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Photo of Bruce Graham
Bruce Graham

Born in 1961 in New York City, my connection to the West began in my youth with visits to Cody, Wyoming, where my grandfather had owned the famous Two Dot Ranch. Family stories of cowboy life, as well as contact with my grandfather’s collection of significant western art, made a lasting impression on me. I now paint images of the West from my studio in Buffalo, Wyoming. Unified by light and color, my work hangs in private and museum collections throughout the United States and abroad.

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Photo of Lindsey Bittner Graham
Lindsey Bittner Graham

Originally from Louisville, KY, I developed an early love for horses and a passion for drawing. My love for the West flourished when my family moved to Colorado. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Colorado State University I pursued an 18-year career as a fashion illustrator. My intent and challenge as an oil painter is to immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of each painting through the use of loose, impressionistic brushwork.

I received the Honorable Mention Award in the 2015 and 2012 Oil Painters of America Spring Online Showcase, Second Place Award in the 2013 Women Artists of the West National Show, and the William J. Schultz Award for Oils in the 2011 American Impressionist Society’s National Exhibition. I am extremely thrilled to be a featured artist in the newly released book by E. Ashley Rooney entitled Painted Sky, 106 Artists of the Rocky Mountain West.

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Photo of Margaret Graziano
Margaret Graziano

My mother nurtured my leanings toward art, always making sure this was part of my curriculum in the many schools I attended in Butte, MT and southern California. At 16 I moved to Italy, spending the next five years studying the fine arts in an Old World discipline: drawing, painting, sculpting and architecture.

The driving force behind my entire creative life has been to reflect the world around me and the beautiful people I have encountered.  I work in both oil and bronze; my subjects are landscapes, figurative works, floral still life paintings, and especially dear to me, candid moments of Native American lives.

My work has been represented by several galleries throughout the West as well as the following art shows:   The CM Russell Art Show, Western Masters Art Show, Out West Art Show, Oil Painters of America, Women Artists of the West, The Calgary Stampede Art Show, The Montana Professional Artists Assoc and the Spokane Valley Art Council Art Show.

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Photo of Sheri Greves-Neilson
Sheri Greves-Neilson

As a lover of learning, a career as an artist has always been a perfect fit.  For the past 30 years there has been one exciting challenge after another.  My art reflects my life; my subjects have been predominately paintings and drawings of friends, and the animals I’ve encountered. Nature provides a never ending source of inspiration.

My work has appeared on the cover of Western Horseman and in Art of the West, American Artist, and Equus.  I’ve exhibited at the Desert Caballeros Museum, Wickenburg, AZ; the Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ; the Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ, the AQHA Hall of Fame, Amarillo, TX; the Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY; and the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, WY. I’m an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists, National Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society.


Photo of Ann Hanson
Ann Hanson

I want to capture the heart and soul of the West in my paintings.  No matter the subject, I love capturing the subtleties of day to day life and portraying the small snippets of time that look into the heart and soul of my friends and neighbors.  I’ve been blessed in my 30 plus year career to have my work included in many top National Western Art Shows.

Recent awards include the 2012 Cheyenne Frontier Days People’s Choice and People’s Choice at the 2014 Buffalo Bill Quick Draw. I’m privileged to have my work featured in the 2016 July/August issue of Art of the West magazine.  Thanks to my awesome family, I’m having a great time doing what I love!

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Photo of Paul Kethley
Paul Kethley

I believe that learning to develop an idea, testing it as a composition and then supporting it with realism, is the best approach for honesty and originality in traditional painting.  Being inspired by an experience, place or an event fuels my creative process towards producing a painting with a story line that appeals aesthetically and emotionally.  I aspire to be a creative storyteller, a skillful composer and a master at capturing the effects of light.

The Pierce Museum of Western Art in Corsicana, Texas purchased my oil painting ‘Through the Slots’ as part of their permanent collection in 2007.  My work has been selected for exhibition and sale at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale; Night of Artists Show, Briscoe Museum of Western Art, San Antonio, TX (2007-2015) and the Mountain Oyster Western Art Show and Sale, Tucson, AZ.

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Photo of Robin Laws
Robin Laws

From my beginnings in a two-room Colorado ranchland schoolhouse, I have had a love affair with nature; this has remained constant throughout my life and art.  In the early years of my career, James Mills, art editor for the Denver Post, described my work as “quietly striking.” Bonnie Gangelhoff of Southwest Art expounded on my “ability to capture both the humorous and sensitive sides of animals, freezing their relationships, movements, and behaviors in bronze.”  I have sold and showed art in England, Italy, Russia and across the United States. The inspiration for my work comes from my animals who live on my small ranch in Southeast Wyoming.

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Photo of Laurie Lee
Laurie Lee

Nocturnal subjects are a fun challenge to paint. “The Night Shift” shows that a cowboy’s life doesn’t revolve around a 9 to 5 job. They enjoy what they do and I enjoy what I do. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction seeing a canvas come to life. I have been blessed with many awards throughout my career, the latest being chosen as the 2016 Honored Artist for the Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody, Wyoming. I was selected several years for the limited edition print and poster for the CFD Art Show and have been featured in many publications, including the cover of Southwest Art. Powell, Wyoming is home – where I live with my husband, Bryan. Eight grandchildren make life a hoot, too!

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Photo of Linda Lillegraven
Linda Lillegraven

Doing field work for a Master’s Degree in Biology at the University of Utah made me realize that what I really wanted to do was learn to paint the high, open country I love. Living in Laramie, Wyoming provides infinite opportunity to do just that. The clear, thin air and vast spaces of the high-altitude West show off the power, variety and beauty of our skies.

My work is in numerous public and private collections around the West and beyond, including the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and the Wyoming State Museum. I am represented by Big Horn Galleries, Cody Wyoming, and Tubac, Arizona, and Wild Horse Gallery in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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Photo of Tom Lockhart
Tom Lockhart

I am a Representational Artist working in the tradition of the Old Masters. As a landscape artist primarily, I look for that dramatic lighting condition, interesting subject matter-something with a bit of nostalgia or history, as well as color and value relationships; thus, helping me to visualize and create a painting to engage the viewer. We are so blessed to live in a country full of wonderful scenery and to be free to travel and find material to put on canvas or paper.

I have won numerous awards in national and regional exhibitions and regularly participate in national exhibitions, including the CM Russell Auction, The Western Rendezvous of Art, Oil Painters of America and various plein-aire events, winning several Best of Shows. I am a signature Member of the (NWR) Northwestern Rendezvous Group, and OPA Oil Painters of America.

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Photo of Cindy Long
Cindy Long

My love of drawing goes back as far as I can remember. The urge to draw and the pleasure it brought me came early and naturally. I try to capture each person’s personality and character in my portraits; the many faces of the people of the West provide me with perfect subjects. I hope my admiration for their unique spirits and personalities is evident in my drawings.

“Hatitude” expresses the personality of a young cowgirl wearing a big hat, and sporting a big attitude to match.

My artwork has been included in art shows throughout the West and in several Western art publications.  I live and work in Texas, and enjoy traveling all over the West in search of new faces and inspiration.

Photo of Jerry Markham
Jerry Markham

I enjoy painting a variety of subject matter ranging from landscapes, wildlife, figures to urban scenes and anything that captures my interest. Painting for me is not so much about the subject, but rather what draws me to paint each piece and how it is expressed.

I have been a full-time painter for over twelve years and currently live in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia with my wife Leah.

My work has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Western Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, and International Artist. It can be found in galleries in North America including Astoria Fine Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Photo of Gerry Metz
Gerry Metz

After traveling the west for the last forty years I have created numerous paintings and sculptures depicting Indians, ranch life, and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve spent the last ten years studying and painting important historical events from 1800 thru 1850. The first being the historic Lewis and Clark journey, which I chronicled in my book The Improbable Journey (120 pages with over sixty paintings and sketches). The stories of fur trappers and life in the wilderness, at military forts, and encounters with Indians are all based on the journals of these men and women and are portrayed in my paintings.  My art has received numerous awards, for which I am grateful, and appears in collections around the world.

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Photo of Chris Navarro
Chris Navarro
Chris Navarro from Casper Wyoming has been sculpting professionally since 1986. He is best known for his large monumental sculptures. With over 28 bronze monumental sculptures throughout the country including the monumental bronze of world champion bull rider Lane Frost at Cheyenne, WY. Chris, a former bull and bronc rider, still competes in team roping and his son JC was a professional bull rider is in the P.B.R. He has recently finished sculpting a life-size T Rex for the Tate Museum in Casper Wyoming and a 16 foot tall Bronze of the famous bucking horse Steamboat for the University of Wyoming. He was chosen to be the Honorary Artist for the 2015 Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody, WY. Chris believes “Family, horses, rodeo and art have been the driving passions of his life. I love what I do for a living and hope others can see that through the work I have created
Photo of E. Denney NeVille
E. Denney NeVille

I received a BSA with honors from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. I enjoy the Bighorn Mountains and their historic relationship to the Indians that camped there. In every show I like including a painting shows this iconic setting; these have become a main part of my body of work.

I am represented by the Big Horn Galleries in Cody, Wyoming and Tubac, Arizona; the Bozeman Trail Gallery in Sheridan, Wyoming; and the Depot Gallery in Red Lodge, Montana. I participate in the annual Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale.

I received the Best of Show award in the CM Russell Art Auction, 1982 and the Artist Choice award in the Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale 1997, 2005. I was featured in Art of the West, Sept/Oct 2000.

For more information, please visit my website:

Photo of Joel Ostlind
Joel Ostlind

After working on ranches around the West I returned to Wyoming with my wife, Wendy and our two kids. We bought a place near Big Horn and built a studio. With a home-made paint box and a new etching press, I switched careers and became an artist. It’s been twenty-six years without complaints.

Photo of Pat Pauley
Pat Pauley

I was born and raised on a farm in the Midwest and enjoy living the country lifestyle.  My passions growing up are the same ones I enjoy now:  riding horses, enjoying nature and the outdoors, and painting.  My favorite subjects to paint are wildlife and western themes. I strive to create pieces of art that transport the viewer to another place and time, or even trigger a treasured memory.

My painting success has grown to national significance; I’ve had the honor of being Artist of the Year or Featured Artist for many of the national conservation groups such as Wild Sheep Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, and Pheasants Forever. Print sales for these groups have generated over 4 million dollars for wildlife conservation.

For more information, please visit my website:

Photo of Jan Perkins
Jan Perkins

One of my major motivations for painting what I paint is to capture the beauty of pasturelands, rangelands, historic ranches, farms and their animals, while they still exist. I paint what I respond to emotionally and intuitively.  The majority of my work is done with a palette knife or a combination of palette knife and brush.  My subjects are my vehicles to express from within.  When I am out on the land, around animals, I am immediately restored to peace, to wholeness, to an indescribable calm. These experiences are nothing less than sacred for me. My paintings have been exhibited in Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibition, The American Plains Artist’s Exhibition, The American Impressionist Society National Exhibition.

For more information, please visit my website:

Photo of Renee’ Piskorski
Renee’ Piskorski

The wild places and its many beautiful creatures have always been my inspiration. Living in Wyoming allows me to do what I love most – the opportunity to capture birds and animals in their natural surroundings in oil. Although only afforded fleeting glimpses of my subjects; I work to capture a gesture, an expression, a movement, a moment in time. I was honored to receive the Old West Museum Purchase Award in 2012.  I also received the Roger Tory Peterson Award for Exceptional Artist for Outstanding Depictions of the Natural World in 2014, and was twice awarded Best of Show for the Wyoming Conservation Stamp Competition.

For more information, please visit my website:

Photo of Connie Robinson
Connie Robinson

As a Wyoming native, the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature has been a daily inspiration. After receiving a BFA degree from the University of Wyoming in 1974, I took employment with the USDA Forest Service. I spent the next 10 years on the beautiful Bighorn Mountains in northern Wyoming and gradually realized a full-time artistic venture was calling. With oil painting as the medium of choice I set out to capture any western setting that sparked an interest. After receiving first place in the 1990 Wyoming Conservation Stamp contest, the encouragement signs lit up and the journey started.
1994 Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year, Arts for the Parks – 100 exhibit, Best Oil; Western Regional, Cheyenne-1990-93, Exhibits in galleries and museums around the Rocky Mountain region.

Photo of Marlin Rotach
Marlin Rotach

From my earliest memories, art has always played a role in my life.  My father was a commercial artist and a stock horse trainer.  I grew up with cowboys, horses, billboard layouts, type books, paint, brushes, and most importantly, encouragement.  These beginnings instilled an interest in fine art, art history, and a passion for the American West.  The artists I most admire all have one common thread—they create dramatic impact in their works through a profound understanding of light.  Like my artistic heroes, my images are primarily concerned with the various qualities of light and shadow.

Tightening the Cinch is all about play of light; because of high contrast in combination with intense color, a rather ordinary task becomes visually striking.  This painting was awarded the Joan Roche Memorial Award (2nd place) in this year’s prestigious Signature American Watermedia Exhibition in Fallbrook, CA.

For more information, please visit my website:

Photo of Chessney Sevier
Chessney Sevier

My art is an expression of how I see and experience the world.  Painted, etched or sculpted, it’s my understanding of the beauty and reality of living.  Art has always been in my life; my mom is an artist and I would draw to entertain myself traveling in the car to rodeos.  If I could say one thing about my art it would be that it’s honest. If it had to be anything else, I would find another occupation.  Every year I participate in the Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale in Cody, WY, the Western Visions Show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show to name a few.  My small family and I live and create near Buffalo, Wyoming.

For more information, please visit my website:

Photo of Monte Stokes
Monte Stokes

I was raised in “Russell Country” of North Central Montana.  My mom gave me my first oil paints around eight years old and I have been painting or drawing horses and cowboys ever since.  My art has been shown in several national juried art shows and in 2015 won best of show at the Western Spirit Art Show.  I heard Red Steagall in concert say “each of us has a story to tell, the beginning and the end are the same, it’s the middle that is different.” I tell my story through my artwork; I paint what I know. I’m passionate about the cowboy lifestyle and agriculture in America. I’m trying to create artwork that makes someone feel something.

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Photo of Gail Jones Sundell
Gail Jones Sundell

One of my aspirations is to bring life to many of the wonderful stories and legends of various native peoples, especially the American Indians. Their stories have such vivid imagery, and it is a joy to illustrate those stories in stone. I enjoy showing a feminine side of history and portraying relationships between mothers and children, and men and women. I aim to create sculptures that speak to the viewer and make them want to stop and listen to the stories that the sculpture has to share. I am grateful that that my work has received several awards, including best of show at the 2013 Cowgirl Up! Show and the purchase award at the 2000 CFD Western Art Show.

Photo of Glenn Swanson
Glenn Swanson

My art career has spanned 35 years of many twists and turns, starting with woodcarving, then bronze, then painting. I am mostly self-taught but heavily influenced by a large group of artist friends who weren’t afraid to tell me what I was doing wrong, and right. My subject matter has always been wildlife and mainly birds, but often including other animals as well. I am not really interested in awards, but there have been some, most recently the People’s Choice Award at this show in 2013.

For more information, please visit my website:

Photo of Carol Swinney
Carol Swinney

My palette knife technique lends itself well to painting nature, from vast western landscapes to intimate scenes of native wildflowers all over the west.  Wonderful edges, points and broken passages of thick paint, create depth and details that a brush may not be able to achieve.  I enjoy creating mood with interesting lighting and vibrant colors and most of all, the excitement I feel when I find a great new location or intimate scene to capture on canvas!

My work is in the permanent collection of The Amerind Museum, Grand Teton National Park, the J.M. Smucker Company and the Wyoming State Capitol.  I’m a past President & Master Signature Member of American Women Artists, a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America and Outdoor Painters Society.  I’ve had a feature article in most of the major art magazines and was included in the 2013 coffee table book, Art of the National Parks, Historic Connections, Contemporary Interpretations.

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Photo of Curt Theobald
Curt Theobald

I grew up making things with my hands, and that early passion for creation continues to direct my art to this day.  Inspiration for my artwork is drawn from life experiences, family interaction, and the fascination of the high plains surrounding my Wyoming studio.  My work resides in public and private collections worldwide including the Honolulu Museum of Art, the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum of Myrtle Beach, the American Association of Woodturners, and Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, Wyoming.  I am a Wyoming native and enjoy sharing life on the prairie with my wife, Wanda, and our two daughters.

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Photo of D. Michael Thomas
D. Michael Thomas

I was born in Thermopolis, raised in Big Piney, graduated from Jackson Hole High and the University of Wyoming and have made Buffalo home for several years. I got interested in sculpting my Junior year in college. I never took art classes but got good mentoring and critiques along the way.  I’ve been lucky enough to make a living at this since 1993.

I’ve received many articles and awards over the years; two of which were the Purchase Award at the CFD WASS.

Photo of Joshua Tobey
Joshua Tobey

Sculpture is about shape.  For me, the composition starts with shape and the personality of the subject is simply part of me, the sculptor, showing through in my artwork.  I enjoy seeing people recognize an aspect of themselves in the personality of my sculpture.  Nature, in all its wonderful and diverse forms, is my inspiration.  My artwork is not a replica; it is an impression of nature’s perfection.  I do most of my own patinas and the finish is the final aspect of my composition.

Honorable Mention Award for “Mountain Mama”; Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma 2013.

Featured Artist 2014 Fall Arts Festival; Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Montana Memorial Prize for “Jackpot”; National Sculpture Society 81st Annual Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina 2014.

President’s Choice Award and People’s Choice Award for “Keeper of the Trust and Big Dog”; Gilcrease Museum 2014.

Best in Show for “Lions View”; Gilcrease Museum 2015.

Photo of Ezra Tucker
Ezra Tucker

I have spent many years pursuing my intense interest in zoology and wildlife art. My approach with my art is to capture and reveal a rarely highlighted detail of my subjects. I paint my animals as having apparent intelligence and individual distinctive personalities. I get tremendous joy and satisfaction from my observation of wildlife behavior and expressions. The intelligence and uniqueness of each creature’s individual character and personality often reflect glimpses of human nature. My desire to paint wildlife in a realistic style allows me to also define the beauty that I see in their movements, subtle or overt. I have been fortunate in my career to receive multiple first place awards for my art and recognition from appreciative collectors.

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Photo of Paul Waldum
Paul Waldum

Growing up in Montana and Wyoming has allowed me to experience and paint the unique qualities of nature’s seasons.

My paintings appear regularly at The Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, Cody Wyoming; in 2012 I received the $10,000 Wells Fargo Gold Award. Other shows include, The Brinton Museum, Big Horn, Wyoming; The Russell: An Exhibition and Sale to Benefit the CM Russell Museum, Great Falls, MT. In 2014, I created and donated a painting for the Wyoming House Chambers and received a joint resolution signed by all congressional leaders recognizing my artistic contributions.

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Photo of Don Weller
Don Weller

I drew horses and cowboys, and roped calves in high school and college rodeos. Graduating from Washington State University, I moved to California where I spent decades doing graphic design, and illustration. I received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators. Realizing I had seen all the cement and palm trees I could stand, I moved to Utah. There I create western paintings and rides my cutting horses.

My paintings have received many awards including The Jones Award from the Bosque Art Center and the Steel Dust Award from the AQHA Museum. I currently have a retrospective show at Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah.

I am represented by several galleries and my web address is

Photo of Matt Wolf
Matt Wolf

I’m driven by a passion to honor the beauty of the Native American people and the world they live in.  My fascination for America’s indigenous people became fully realized after moving from Michigan to Utah’s Wasatch mountains in the early 1990’s. Inspired by the amazing beauty of the western sky, coupled with pride of the Native American culture, my aim is to evoke a distinctive sense of atmosphere in each painting. My goal as an artist is to remind people that we live in a place of great beauty, peace and harmony. My art is in private and corporate collections from Seattle to New York; it continues to gain momentum in the Mountain West as I exhibit in art shows and galleries on a regular basis.

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Photo of Sarah Woods
Sarah Woods

Growing up in Laramie I acquired my love of wide open spaces, and the wildlife that inhabit them, while camping, backpacking and hunting with my father and brothers. For the past 25 years I have lived in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of southern Colorado and I attribute my crisp colors and strong lighting to my life at high altitude. My goal is that my paintings remind people of an unforgettable experience viewing wildlife that stays with them forever.

I have participated in Birds in Art; National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Western Visions; Art and the Animal Kingdom; Jackson Hole Art Auction and Arts for the Parks, where I was awarded the Founder’s Favorite and Juror’s Choice Awards. I am proud of my 29 years with Trailside Galleries and 10 with Broadmoor Galleries.