Cheyenne Frontier Days Art Show


Photo of Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey

Growing up in Wyoming, it’s only fitting that rodeo, the western lifestyle and wildlife found their way into my work. I have an intense interest in wildlife from all over and have been invited to Africa and New Zealand to research various species. Thus, that fauna and flora have become important subjects in my work.  My research also found me riding bulls competitively for the Laramie County Community College rodeo team.

My goal is to portray my subjects in a way that transcends a mere representation and takes on a life of its own.  Energetic brushwork and color harmony allow the viewer to fill in the gaps.  It’s what I leave out that tends to be the most important part of the painting.

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Photo of Gerald Balciar
Gerald Balciar

Growing up in rural Wisconsin amidst the dairy farms and the Northwoods my fascination with art and animals dates back to 3rd or 4th grade; I made my first bronze in 1964. My work ranges from miniature to monumental and I am involved in the entire process of bronze making including mold making, waxes, welding, metal chasing and patinas. I remember as a kid sneaking up on a small slough that had a hen and about a dozen ducklings.  I made a dash into the water thinking I am going to catch a baby duck but all the ducklings dove under the water.  I waited for them to surface, but they never did.

My most prestigious award was the “Prix de West” award from the National Cowboy Museum in 1985.


Photo of Guadalupe Barajas
Guadalupe Barajas

I am a Wyoming native and full-time bronze sculptor, focusing primarily on wildlife and telling life stories of my Native American heritage through sculpture.

Unless one has seriously sculpted, it would seem difficult understanding the feeling of literally taking a lump of clay, and breathing life into it. This is my reality as a bronze sculptor.  Sculpting, for me, is truly an intimate experience.”

My most notable awards are: 2013 Wyoming Governor’s Art Award; Artist of the Year – the National Bison Association; Best of Show 2007 & 2008 – Western Spirit Art Show; Purchase Award – 2014 Greeley Stampede Art Show and 2015 Western Art Show & Sale; my bronze ‘Tatanka’ was featured on the cover of Bison World magazine.

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Photo of Phil Beck
Phil Beck

I arrived in Arizona in 1980 after leaving my career as an illustrator in Chicago.  As a figurative artist, I have always had a love for animals and they appear in most of my paintings. As a painterly painter my predominant medium is oil, working with a limited palette. I have been an instructor and lecturer for over twenty-two years. I have been honored with the highest awards presented in several museum shows: Best in Show, Gold Medal, Artists’ Choice, People’s Choice, and receiving the Museum Purchase and Limited Print here at the Cheyenne Old West Museum. I’ve also been featured in several art publications.  I continue to pursue my passion, counting my blessings every day.

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Photo of Mike Beeman
Mike Beeman

I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and work in pastel and oil, in both my studio and on location. I paint a variety of subjects, including landscapes, still lifes, and figures. I am a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and a Master Circle artist in the International Association of Pastel Societies. My work has appeared in numerous juried exhibitions and competitions and has received many honors, including the Pastel Journal Silver Award in the 14th Annual Pastel 100 in 2013.

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Photo of Susan Bell
Susan Bell

I love to paint from life. There are more than three dimensions available when live. It is thrilling to try to capture a precise moment in time. The changing light. A blackbird on his patch of marsh, his personality, movement, smells and sounds of the environment are all in the final work of art. I grew up in the west, loving the vast and varied landscapes. Looking out the car window as my father drove, I learned to be an artist; seeing antelope herds, passing clouds, open spaces, and erasing from my vision the things I did not like to see.

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Photo of Julie Bender
Julie Bender

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, I always possessed a fascination for drawing animals and remained on that course all my life. Residing in Colorado, I have developed a body of work inspired by the rich and diverse landscape of Western wildlife and culture I see every day. Witnessing rare moments when subjects display a particular behavior or a scene that make my heart race, excites me to tell that story through my art. Pyrography, the art of “painting with heat,” involves both accidental and calculated risks. Discovering innovative ways to express my artistic vision is my greatest challenge and reward. My career includes international sales, museum acquisitions, top gallery representation, teaching, and multiple juried show and artist society awards.

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Photo of Meagan Abra Blessing
Meagan Abra Blessing

I have been drawn to horses my entire life and cannot remember a time before I could ride. To me, the horse embodies the spirit of the West, and I find the unlikely partnership between humans and horses endlessly fascinating. Having owned, trained, shown, and packed with horses, I continue to respect and admire them. My paintings are much like portraits, rendering the power, grace, and character of the Western horse in a contemporary realist style set in expressive, abstract backgrounds. My work has been featured in Western Art & Architecture and Big Sky Journal; I received a Fine Art Connoisseur’s People’s Choice Award in 2016 and am honored to have my painting “Fired Up” on the 2017 Ellensburg Rodeo Poster.

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Photo of Michael Blessing
Michael Blessing

I spent my formative years in rural Montana, surrounded by the experiences that small town America provided. Having an initial inclination toward figurative painting, I painted commissioned portraits for clients across the country. Brightly lit neon signs capture my imagination, prompting me to combine figure painting with the nostalgic pull of neon. I’m drawn to strong compositions, vibrant color, and bold lines. My paintings are widely appealing, often reminiscent of classic Americana. My work has been featured in various publications, including Southwest Art Magazine, Western Art & Architecture, Big Sky Journal, Montana Quarterly and Western Art Collector. My paintings have won Awards of Excellence from both Western Art Collector and Southwest Art Magazines, and I received the BOLDBRUSH award in 2016.

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