Cheyenne Frontier Days Art Show


Photo of Robert Louis Caldwell
Robert Louis Caldwell

Born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, I spent my boyhood years in Verplanck, New York, where I learned to love the outdoors. The Boy Scouts were a conduit to nature and provided me with some of my most memorable adventures, including 50-mile canoe trips in upstate New York and backpacking in Cimarron, New Mexico.

I draw inspiration from familiar items, searching for elements that are often overlooked but that provide opportunities for compelling compositions. Working from my Midlothian, Virginia studio I use photographic references, complemented by field studies, from regional wildlife refuges to the African bush, to compose my drawings and paintings.

My work has appeared in numerous national exhibitions, including Birds in Art, Art of the Animal Kingdom and Art and the Animal.

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Photo of Julie T. Chapman
Julie T. Chapman

I grew up as a horse-obsessed child who drew equines monomaniacally out of unrequited love; although, now I train in both dressage and reining. My imagery is a contemporary take on the wildlife and horses of the modern American wild west, featuring visually dramatic subjects in an abstract setting. “The Watcher” depicts a wolf who was scouting a valley from a high rock; his attention had been captured by the sound of something (prey?) below; his intent expression made this piece exciting to create.

My work was profiled in the February 2016 Sporting Classics magazine, in a feature article of the April 2016 issue of Southwest Art, and in the August issue of Big Sky Journal. Scratchboards and paintings of mine have recently sold into collections in England, Asia, and Canada.

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Photo of Julie Kramer Cole
Julie Kramer Cole

As a child, I knew that I could pick up a pencil and bring my creative world to a tangible form for others to enjoy! I studied art at Colorado State University and the Colorado Institute of Art. Before my inspiration to depict the American West, I was a fashion illustrator in Denver for 15 years. Now, by capturing an allegorical moment in time, I can use my art to fuse memory, research, and true stories to connect the oneness of human, land, and animal. My work is published by Cole Fine Art, the Leanin’ Tree, and the Bradford Exchange.

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Photo of Bob Coronato
Bob Coronato

I moved to Hulett, Wyoming after graduating in 1993 with a BFA from Otis Parsons Art Institute in Los Angeles. When I was young I would open books and look at photos of the “Old West” with cowboys riding the open plains and wish I had lived 100 years ago. After moving to a very remote corner of our country, and working on ranches that still “Cowboy” in the “Old Ways,” I realized that the West I’d searched for as a kid was still there. The West is alive, it’s just hiding in tiny corners of our country, trying desperately to hang on and not be forgotten. My work documents this lifestyle. I work in Oil on Canvas, Chine Colle’ Etchings, Intaglio printmaking and Pittura Di Strati oil/ acrylic on board.

I was nominated by Southwest Art as the “Artist of the New Century ” and I won the Best of Show in 2002.  I was the featured Artist of the Cattleman’s Western Art Show Paso Robles 2010

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Photo of Sheila Cottrell
Sheila Cottrell

Hereford calf faces are so much fun to paint, especially with their wide-eyed white-lashed eyes. I enjoy painting anything to do with the West, past and present, but especially love illustrating the tales of pioneering adventures my family experienced. A highlight of my career was a joint show with James Reynolds at Claggett-Rey Gallery in 2005. I’ve exhibited in Cowgirl Up! Shows for 11 years and been awarded both the “People’s Choice Award” and the “Governor’s Choice Award” two times each. I have been in many national shows and numerous magazines, and was most recently featured in Cowboys & Indians magazine. Settlers West Gallery in Tucson, Arizona and Big Horn Galleries in Tubac, Arizona and Cody, Wyoming represent me.

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