Cheyenne Frontier Days Art Show


Photo of Jerry Markham
Jerry Markham

I enjoy painting a variety of subject matter ranging from landscapes, wildlife, figures to urban scenes and anything that captures my interest. Painting for me is not so much about the subject, but rather what draws me to paint each piece and how it is expressed. I have been a full-time painter for over twelve years and currently live in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia with my wife Leah. My work has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Western Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, and International Artist. It can be found in galleries in North America including Astoria Fine Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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Photo of David Mensing
David Mensing

I grew up in Iowa and moved to The West as a young man. I find the raw beauty of the American West to be most captivating. It is my ambition to know and share that beauty through my work. My architectural background contributes to my compelling designs.

My paintings are featured in exhibitions and collections across the nation and around the globe. Numerous periodicals have featured my work with cover images and feature articles, including American Art Collector and Southwest Art. Recent national awards include Southwest Art ‘Award of Excellence’ in Icons of the West and ‘Professional Juror/Best of Show’ in Art and Soul.

My wife, Tina, and I live in Albion, Idaho with our three children.

Photo of Gerry Metz
Gerry Metz

After traveling the west for the last forty years I have created numerous paintings and sculptures depicting Indians, ranch life, and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve spent the last ten years studying and painting important historical events from 1800 thru 1850. The first being the historic Lewis and Clark journey, which I chronicled in my book The Improbable Journey (120 pages with over sixty paintings and sketches). The stories of fur trappers and life in the wilderness, at military forts, and encounters with Indians are all based on the journals of these men and women and are portrayed in my paintings.  My art has received numerous awards, for which I am grateful, and appears in collections around the world.

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