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From my earliest memories, art has always played a role in my life.  My father was a commercial artist and a stock horse trainer.  I grew up with cowboys, horses, billboard layouts, type books, paint, brushes, and most importantly, encouragement.  These beginnings instilled an interest in fine art, art history, and a passion for the American West.  The artists I most admire all have one common thread—they created dramatic impact in their works through a profound understanding of light.  Like my artistic heroes, my images are primarily concerned with the various qualities of light and shadow. The transparent aspect of watercolor particularly suits it to my purposes.

Get Your Motors Runnin’ may seem a strange title, but when these two competitors exploded out of the roper’s box, one could feel the pounding rhythm of the anthem, “Born to Be Wild.” Both are focused, in sync and living for that adrenaline rush…their engines are revved up.

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