Cammie Lundeen

Growing up in rural Idaho gave Cammie Lundeen the opportunity to do what she loved: ride and care for horses. Lundeen initially painted horses and other animals in oils and pastels, but thinking in three dimensions led her to pick up a piece of clay. "I can sit down with a lump of clay and work something out as a model just about as fast as I can sketch it now. I try to make my sculpture as lifelike as possible, I try to show expression. I think a lot of people can make a horse that has ears, eyes, and nose, but they miss out on other subtle things that make it more alive." Lundeen prefers to work from memories, special times that have captured her imagination. "We all know art is a form of expression. My goal is to touch someone's emotions, to have them feel what I might feel in a particular bronze." She lives in Loveland, CO, where she has lots of camaraderie with other sculptors, including her husband, George.


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