Cindy Long

From her earliest memories, art has been the driving force in Cindy Long’s life. She has always held a love for depicting the inner spirit and personality of each individual she draws, attempting to catch a glimpse into their soul and the emotion of the moment.

Her portraits of people of the American West are reflections of her admiration of the people who work and live the Western life, both in the past and current day. She finds that working in graphite or charcoal, occasionally with an added tint of pastel, is the perfect way to capture the essence of each of these unique characters. 

 Long participates in a variety of museum and art shows throughout the West. .Her artwork has been featured in several publications, including “Art of the West”, “Southwest Art”, “Western Art Collector”, “Fine Art Connoisseur” , “Horses in Art”, and “Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing”. 

Cindy is represented by the Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe and the Howell Gallery in Oklahoma City.