Georgia Rowswell

The foundation of my formal education was a fine arts degree in painting and drawing. My informal education started much earlier under the watchful eye of my mother. She exposed me to the traditional fiber arts of knitting,embroidery, sewing, quilting and much more. There was always a project on the go and the need to express myself through art has remained with me no matter where I have roamed.

Ten years ago I moved to Wyoming and wondered what shape my artistic voice in the West would take. Traveling across the state one day with my husband Dave, we drove through a road cut and I remember looking up, up,up and saying, “Wow look at that stratification! I'm going to translate that into art. In fact, I'm going to use textiles to do it.” Simultaneously I had found my new voice in the West while returning to my fiber roots. The geology and big skies of the West continue to inspire and inform my work.