Georgia Rowswell

I received my formal art training with a concentration in painting and drawing, from the University of Buffalo in New York. My informal training began at a much earlier age under the influence of my mother, Dorothy Stiefler. Mom was particularly drawn to traditional, fiber based art work. There was always a project or two in the works. All my life I watched and learned from her. Today I would describe my work as, rooted in fiber with a painterly execution that owes its success to the intersection of these important influences. 

Centering on the interpretation of wide open Western vistas and using discarded clothing and household textiles, I use humble materials, transformed into images that team with texture, movement, color and stories both known and unknown. I originated this eco-friendly, art making method and refer to it as “compressed fabric”. 

I believe in the importance of art for the individual and the community and have had many opportunities to spread my love of art across the state and beyond through workshops and arts advocacy. My work has been exhibited in group and solo shows across the United States. Private and corporate collections, including the 

University of Grand Island, Michigan and the Yamana Gold Corporation in Toronto, Ontario have purchased my artwork. In 2016 I was awarded the prestigious Wyoming Arts Council's Visual Arts Fellowship 

Examples of my work can be seen online and at Blue Door Arts, in the historic Hynds building at 1608 Capitol in downtown Cheyenne.