Guadalupe Barajas

Guadalupe Barajas, a Wyoming native, focuses on wildlife and telling life stories of his Native American heritage through sculpture. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in three-dimensional design from the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois.  He was an art teacher in the Chicago Public School System for over 26 years.  Once retired from teaching, his career as a sculptor began. He is an award-winning sculptor with his artwork collected by western art enthusiasts who appreciate representational art.

Guadalupe’s large commissioned artwork can be seen throughout Cheyenne, Wyoming and at his gallery, the Grey Wolf Gallery. His most prestigious award was the 2013 Wyoming Governor’s Art Award and he was recently invited to participate in the Capital Avenue Bronze Project sculpting likenesses of several prominent figures in Wyoming’s history.

His artist statement is: “Unless one has seriously sculpted, it would seem difficult understanding the feeling of literally taking a lump of clay, and breathing life into it.  This is my reality as a bronze sculptor.  Unlike painting, where I’ve created illusions of space, sculpture consumes its space as it takes on a life of its own.  Every angle of its composition presents a new perspective, and an added challenge to my creative energy. Sculpting, for me, is truly an intimate experience. Capturing that inner spirit and energy of one’s subject involves an intimate connection.  This is what separates mediocrity from the real deal.”

Barajas can be contacted at or by phone at (307) 286-0281. His website is