Herb Mignery

Herb's Subjects often depict the difficult lives the people of the West led. The figures have a certain elegance and a sense of classical composure in spite of the fact that they are not idealized. Details and accouterments tell us about the subjects, their profession, and their lives, so that each sculpture completes a piece of the story of life in the West. The beauty of imperfections is what we see, for it is the imperfections that reveal the hidden tales of the figures' lives.

Asked about some of the philosophy behind his work, Mignery states, "I feel that attitude and our view of our future can only be determined by an examination of our ancestors, and the society they created. Just as a weather vane points toward the source of the wind, it must also point to the direction the wind is going. Likewise, we must focus our attention both ways to avoid losing those valuable lessons so painstakingly learned by those before us."

Mignery has won numerous awards, including the Best of Show and the Western Art Associates Kieckhefer Award at the Cowboy Artists of America Show in Phoenix, AZ, the Norris Foundation Award at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, and the Leonard J. Meiselman Memorial Award for sculpture at the National Sculpture Society in New York.


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