Jerry Markham

Growing up in rural Alberta, Jerry was often exposed to wildlife and nature and has always felt most at  home near the mountains and under a big sky. Like most young Canadians, his dream was to be a hockey player, which he pursued along with football, however in high school he began drawing and painting. Now age 42, Jerry has been painting full-time for over 17 years and currently lives on a farm in the Rocky  Mountains of British Columbia with his wife Leah. Inspired by his surroundings and travel, Jerry enjoys  painting a variety of subject matter including wildlife, landscapes, figures, florals, and the history of the  west. 

Continually striving to evolve and grow as a painter, Jerry often challenges himself by pushing the  composition, altering light or color, or experimenting with how the paint is applied. He often uses big 

brushes and palette knife to apply chunky paint marks, drips and splatters to render each painting with  some abstraction and undefined areas. 

“I want to capture the essence of a subject more than the specifics. If the work is loose and a bit undone, there is more room for the viewer to interpret, to access the painting through their own imaginings.” 

Jerry’s work has been featured in Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, and  International Artist, seen recognition through awards, and can be found in galleries and exhibitions  throughout North America. More at