Julie Kramer Cole

Raising a pencil as a child to create on paper a tangible form to see her imagination, art has been a way of life for  Julie.  After majoring in art at  Colorado State University and graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art, where in later years she was inducted into their Hall of Fame, Julie became a leading freelance fashion illustrator in Denver.  She feels fortunate to have been a part of what is now a nostalgic memory of an elegant, historic, pulsating department store.  Then, as fashion art diminished and the camera took over, fine art became her priority and she soon was engrossed in the depiction of the American West.  A  never ceasing growth process began as she portrayed her interpretation of the west and its people, both past and present, in a realistic and enduring manner.  Her childhood yearning for an artistic outlet now flourished.  Julie and her husband Mark published her work that sold in over 500 USA galleries for 35 years.  Within  this time of   consistently winning  awards, the latest being the 2019 Featured Artist at Wyoming Cares, Julie's art has been on the covers/articles of over 45 national magazines.  She became the first woman to have an unprecedented three limited edition prints placed in USArt Magazine's "Top 25 prints of the Year" and also to be one of two women artists on their "Five Favorite Artists" cover. 

The colorful road of Western art is the one Julie chose for her life's journey as she combines the magic and the mystery of a land and an era.  Her work   captures a moment in time fusing memory and true story creating a bridge to connect the oneness of human, land, and animal. She is currently represented by Cole Fine Art, the Leanin' Tree, and the Bradford Exchange.