Julie Nighswonger

As a young child I remember making the trip from our farm in Minnesota west to my uncle's Wyoming ranch.   I was amazed at the vast expanse of the Wyoming sky, how fresh and crisp the air was.


The beauty of the mountains touched my soul.


The summer of 1981 found me back in Wyoming working on a ranch in Jackson Hole.   I still reside in Wyoming with my husband Steve.   We live in the small town of Torrington in the southeastern part of the state.   Our three children have grown into wonderful adults and have started lives of their own.   I grew up in a rural setting connecting with my pets, our livestock, wildlife and the people that surround me.   This connection continues to be alive with the scenery, livestock and cowboy lifestyle inspiring me daily.


My soul is nourished by all of the unique qualities the West has to offer.


Painting is a language.   My creative energies bring this language alive.  My hope is to share the emotional response I have to my surroundings on canvas.   I "speak" the language of painting every day.   I enjoy working on outdoor studies or larger studio paintings.


The scenery and the people I share my life with inspire me to bring the spirit of my subject to life.


Whether I am working in oil or graphite, my vision is to touch a place in the viewers world,

in their life

and just maybe in their heart.


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