Julie T. Chapman

I grew up as a horse-obsessed child who drew equines monomaniacally out of unrequited love; although, now I train in both dressage and reining. My imagery is a contemporary take on the wildlife and horses of the modern American wild west, featuring visually dramatic subjects in an abstract setting. “The Watcher” depicts a wolf who was scouting a valley from a high rock; his attention had been captured by the sound of something (prey?) below; his intent expression made this piece exciting to create.

My work was profiled in the February 2016 Sporting Classics magazine, in a feature article of the April 2016 issue of Southwest Art, and in the August issue of Big Sky Journal. Scratchboards and paintings of mine have recently sold into collections in England, Asia, and Canada.

For more information, please visit my website: http://www.julietchapman.com/


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