Margaret Graziano

My mother nurtured my leanings toward art, always making sure this was part of my curriculum in the many schools I attended in Butte, MT and southern California. At 16 I moved to Italy, spending the next five years studying the fine arts in an Old World discipline: drawing, painting, sculpting and architecture.
The driving force behind my entire creative life has been to reflect the world around me and the beautiful people I have encountered.  I work in both oil and bronze; my subjects are landscapes, figurative works, floral still life paintings, and especially dear to me, candid moments of Native American lives.

My work has been represented by several galleries throughout the West as well as the following art shows:   The CM Russell Art Show, Western Masters Art Show, Out West Art Show, Oil Painters of America, Women Artists of the West, The Calgary Stampede Art Show, The Montana Professional Artists Assoc and the Spokane Valley Art Council Art Show.

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