Robyn Cook

"Growing up in Missouri on a small farm in Ozark, I was always outside riding my horses. If I wasn’t riding, I was drawing.

I used to spend hours  looking through books and magazines and always admiring other artists’ work. I knew that one day I wanted to be an artist. 

Being self taught has made it a rather long and challenging experience, more than I would’ve imagined and I still have a lot to learn. That challenge is what keeps me trying harder every time I start a new drawing. I want to find a way to do a better job than I did on the last.

Although I have always been known for drawing horses, a few years ago, I started drawing PBR bulls and that has been a very interesting experience. Trying to capture their personalities and attitude has been so much fun. Plus I like to add a little humor to their portraits when I can. I want to make people smile when they see my drawings.

I recently won Best in Drawing at the Cheyenne Frontier Days, Western Spirit Show for my drawing of PBR bull, Cochise titled, “We Need to Talk”.

Most of all, I have met some wonderful people and made many new friends along this career. That has been more rewarding than anything else.

I’m always looking forward to the future and what will happen next!"