Will Ersland

The great constant in all of my art is the horse. From Western Art to Sporting Art, and from Rodeo to Polo.


This is my second showing at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Summer Art Show!

Will’s was featured fifteen years in the CFD’s Western Spirit Art Show, winning Best in Show in 2018, (also CFD’s Mavericks choice for the 2019 Summer Show), Best Acrylic in 2016 and 2012.  Ersland won Best of the West Blue Ribbon and a Best of the Wild Horse 2nd place Ribbon in the Rock Springs Wild Horse Art Show in 2011. Featured frequently in The American Academy of Equine Art, he won “The Sporting Art Award” in 2019.


Ersland other shows include Eight years in The Mountain Oyster Art  Show in Tucson, AZ, and the American Plains Artists Show in Texas.


Horse owner and avid rider, Ersland thinks training his big sport horse Ike makes him an informed equine artist.




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