2018 Featured Artisans

This year, the CFD Western Art Show is featuring four artisans this year: Arnold Goodluck, Annie Margarita, Diane Scalese, and Linda Szabo.

Arnold Goodluck

Arnold Goodluck is a 4th generation silversmith and jeweler. He specializes in traditional old style, antique finish, natural high-quality turquoise and other gemstones, and he continues to build contemporary silver jewelry. All of his jewelry has a hallmark with a four leaf clover with "AG" in the center, which guarantees the authentic native handmade piece. Arnold lives in Arizona with his wife Karlene and four daughters. Arnold's featured piece in the 2018 CFD Western Art Show is a handmade traditional concho belt.

Annie Margarita

Annie Margarita grew up riding horses and driving stagecoaches in the deserts of Arizona. She has worked internationally as a scenic artist in murals, 3D industrial construction creating zoos and aquariums and showing her fine art paintings. She taught herself to make patterns and personal designs for her own style of leather goods, and she creates fly fishing cases and other accessories with a bold painting style that is unique and exciting. Her fly fishing cases are in royal and private collections worldwide. Her featured piece in the 2018 CFD Western Art Show is a handmade "Native American Trout Tribute" Fly Rod and Reel with luggage tag and slipcover.  It is made with premium full grain leather, hand tooled, stained and painted, with leather dyes and acrylic paint. Completely sewn by hand, it is lined in fabric and sheep shearling for padding and protection of rod and reel and has a soft fabric slipcover for extended storage. The case has been treated with Saddle Lac for water resistance and longtime wear.  This case is meant to be used in the field, and its wear will increase its appeal as a heritage item.  

Diane Scalese

Diane Scalese began engraving and silversmithing in 1986 while working with her husband Bob, who was making custom spurs and bridle bits. Bob and Diane have shown their work in shows and museums from Edmonton, Alberta, to Alpine, Texas. Diane holds numerous awards, including Acadamy of Western Artist’s Engraver of the Year, Montana Circle of American Masters, Master Engraver in the Firearms Engravers Guild of America, and Master Engraver in the American Custom Gunmakers Guild. Her featured piece in the CFD Western Art Show is a one-of-a-kind bracelet that is hand fabricated from heavy gauge sterling silver sheet and sterling silver gallery wire. It is hand engraved. There are 3 - 2.75 mm genuine blue sapphires in the center of the flowers.

Linda Szabo

Linda Szabo specializes in textiles, sterling silver jewelry, batiks, watercolor, and acrylic works. She has won awards for her work with batiks, including an honorable mention from the Heard Museum, Best of Fine Arts, Tribal Arts Poster, and Promotional Award in the Northern Plains Tribal Arts. Her featured piece in the CFD Western Art Show is a handmade cape from a Pendelton robe.