How to Buy

The Cheyenne Frontier Days™ Western Art Show and Sale is one of the most respected and prestigious western art exhibitions in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Jump the Gun 

Opening Night Attendees and Proxy Buyers may purchase artwork prior to the first draw for a premium price (additional 25%) starting at 6 pm MDT on July 21, 2022. This is a popular event for those buyers who cannot live without a piece of artwork.

The Draw

Opening Night Attendees and Proxy Buyer may enter their name into the drawing for artwork of their choice. Winners are drawn at 7:00 pm MDT, and the winners gain the first rights to purchase the artwork. A second drawing will occur at 7:20 pm MDT. Winners from this drawing have the opportunity to purchase artwork not claimed by the first drawing winners.

Proxy Buy

Buyers who are unable to attend the Opening Reception in person may purchase at Jump the Gun and through the Draw through Proxy. In order to Proxy Buy, you must submit a Proxy Application to the Museum Offices by July 21, 2022 by 12:00pm MDT. There is a $120 non-refundable Proxy Application Fee. Contact the Art Show Coordinator at (307)778-7289 or click here for the Proxy Application.

Public Buy

Starting at 9:00 am MDT on July 22, the general public may purchase artwork from or by visiting the Museum during normal operating hours. Each purchase made is 35% tax-deductible. Public Buy will end August 14th at 5:00 pm MDT.


Buyers may purchase commissions from artists in the show by contacting the Art Show Coordinator at (307)778-7289. The Museum will act as a mediator between the Artist and Buyer. All commission purchases will be eligible for a 35% tax deduction.

*Please note that all artwork is sold on a first come first serve basis.