Featured in 2021 Art Show

As the Crow Flies


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31.5" x 43.5"

Ahhh...those wide open spaces. They speak to my soul.  They are our western landscape!  And yes crows too! "As The Crow Flies" is a scene that I came across driving to an outdoor painting location.  I wasn't able to stop but did snap several photos.  I happened to capture one of the crows as it abandoned it's perch atop one of the posts.  This was a dirt road and there were a multitude of these posts scattered about next to it in a seemingly random pattern.  I have no idea of their purpose.  Perhaps an old fence?  They certainly weren't arranged in any discernible line, simply haphazardly sticking out of the ground at varying angles with no apparent order, some with an avian sentry.  I've always appreciated a good mystery.