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Evening Reflections


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21" x 25"

Walking along the river, seeing these beautiful reflections from the sky stops me in my tracks.  The colors are lovely shades of the early evening just before sunset, pinks, violet and turquoise blue.  Of course the green grasses in late spring are incredibly vivid and set off the reflections with perfection only achieved in nature. I wanted to, no, needed to go back and capture it. Sometimes you just know, no question.  Note the time and hope for the same fluffy clouds when I return.  The next day, same time and place, pastels in hand and clouds gathering on cue for a repeat performance and I'm ready to do my best to translate that magic on my easel near the river just before dusk.  It's peaceful except for the buzz and bite of mosquitoes. That small study needed an encore!  "Evening Reflections" was created in my studio from the study and some reference photos snapped with my cell phone.