Artwork Featured in 2020 Art Show

Paint Team Power


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14.5" x 17.5"

I witnessed this incredible draft horse paint team at a draft horse auction in Colorado, followed them all day with my camera and immediately started sketching when I got home. This team had to come to life in a painting as the sheer beauty, structure and form of this team was utterly breathtaking. Striving to portray the movement of the team and keep the painting loose and painterly while still capturing select detail and "bling" in the tack was fun, yet challenging. Emphasizing all the different types of edges, sharp, blurred, and in-between kept me switching back and forth between pallet knife and brushes. Creating excitement with the dark and light shapes, pushing the abstract color values in the background allowed me such a wonderful journey in bringing a moment in time and this amazing paint horse draft team to life.