Artwork Featured in 2020 Art Show

Reading Light

Artist: Will Ersland

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36" x 27"

The title of this painting comes from a line out of one of Ian Tyson's cowboy songs, "Night Rider's Lament" written by Mike Burton. "..."the moon was bright as a readin' light for a letter from an old friend back home." A cowboy reading the book "Smoky" came to mind. I had built a very accurate wooden chuckwagon model from a kit sent to me by a wagon manufacturer out of South Dakota, Hansen Wagonworks. My fascination with chuckwagons started with the chuckwagon races at the CFD Rodeo, and I had always wanted to draw and paint one because they are a true icon of the Old West. They were an anchor and warm respite on the cattle drives, where cookie would serve you a heaping bowl of sunovabitch stew and some hot coffee!