Artwork Featured in 2020 Art Show

Skipping Stones


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9" x 8" x 5"

I have had this piece of Honeycomb Calcite over a decade. From the first time I looked at the beauty of the material, I wanted to showcase the natural quality of the stone. I immediately had the vision of making a bowl shape with my traditional turning tools. But after many hours of exploration and struggle, the stone proved much too hard to be sculpted as I had planned. The patient stone sat unfinished for many years until a recent visit from Gail Jones Sundell. I showed her the stone and told her I wanted to complete the piece for the 2020 Western Art Show. Gail was quick to offer the correct tools and tips on working with the difficult material. The stone had multiple fractures, which dictated the final shape and design of the bowl. The undulating rim adds to the overall design and aesthetics of the beautiful stone.