Artwork Featured in 2020 Art Show

The Beauty Within


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5" x 5.5" x 2.25"

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, this work is a reminder to look beyond what is noticed at first glance, look inside, look to find the good. The aggressive sandblasting of the outer vessel reflects the destruction the virus has brought upon our world. It is easy to focus on the bad that has been happening and become caught in the trap of worry and doubt. However, as we have seen in the world, there are also bright shining moments of those risking it all to help one another. First responders receive a heroes welcome in many places daily, teachers are being thought of as valued, people are helping one another out in daily routines albeit virtually at times. The smooth, glossy, bold, spirited-with-color inner vessel represents the hopeful Beauty Within we see in our world. It speaks of the resilience of people worldwide in rising up to overcome the virus.