Warrior with Blue Horse Shield

Artist: Will Ersland


30" x 42"

I own this beautiful Lakota replica war shield. Using reference photographs from Native American, Michael Bad Hand, a serious re-enactor and movie actor/stunt man, who'd been in movies like "Dances with Wolves" has long been a goal of mine. I was able to combine these two elements when I purchased a series of photographs taken during one of many photo shoots on the Little Big Horn site that he holds every Summer. The young warrior is made up of 3 different photographs of one of Bad Hand's models. The shield is something I added. All photographic reference an artist uses, have to be adjusted and manipulated to work into a good drawing, which is the foundation of any good painting.

Piece is listed at Jump the Gun price. Normal pricing, listed below, will begin Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 7pm MDT.