Artwork Featured in 2020 Art Show

We Will Overcome


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11" x 7" x 6"

When I think of lives lost and lives forever changed as a result of the pandemic, the emotion I feel is dark and full of voids. Voids left in families, darkness from the path of destruction left by COVID-19. The base of this work is dark, distressed, and full of voids, illustrating the way many things in our lives have become dark and distressed. Many of us are experiencing the new reality of being apart, so I positioned the vessels in this piece near but not close to each other. The vessels are vibrantly colored and over the top glossy, commanding respect in their boldness, creating harmony even as they are apart. Their color and beauty visually describe how we can rise above the challenges of the dark, void-filled days. It is standing together to overcome those challenges that will make us stronger.